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Matt + Jackie | 8.25.18

Photo: Fergie Medar Photography

"Amanda & Joelle saved me at the perfect time when I was way in over my head with wedding planning. These women were professional, extremely knowledgeable & they took initiative all while remaining poised. They brought me so much peace and assurance during the most stressful season of my life and added some necessary comic relief during our planning sessions. I seriously could not have asked for a better team to help me have the most perfect & unforgettable wedding day. I recommend these women to anyone & everyone. They’re versatile and will bring your dreams to fruition."


Seth + Efe | 2.17.18

January 10, 2010

"My fiancé and I thought we had things figured out for the wedding day. Joelle saved us from our foolishness. What a lifesaver. Her gentle yet careful ways made the day go seamlessly. She thought about things we did not even know we needed and was able to problem solve so effortlessly in the moment. My special day went 100% smoother because of Joelle’s thoughtfulness and creativity."


Jonathan + Kayla | 11.5.2016

Photo: Nicole Paquette Photography

"After we decided on a short engagement I knew I would need some wedding planning help. Thankfully, All Seasons Event Planning came to my rescue and helped me with everything. From helping organize my seating charts, to the location, and venue, she helped with all of it! Right down to being stressed to plan a wedding in under 3 months and having a bridal party of 30+ people, Amanda made it happen! She organized my bridal party and coordinated everything including my wedding decorations. She helped me remain calm and have the best wedding day! I didn’t have to lift a finger to anything, she did it all. Looking back 3 years later, I wouldn’t have done anything differently. Amanda is so wonderful and a brilliant wedding planner. She helped me create magic in a short amount of time. Even when I was stressed, she stayed calm and managed my expectations. I would recommend Amanda’s business, All Seasons Event Planning to anyone, she is definitely a must have during wedding planning and making your wedding dreams come true."


Pierre + Debbie | 5.27.2017

Photo: Shannon Robbins Photography

Amanda made such a difference in planning my wedding and I couldn’t have done it without her help!! She was super supportive and really listened to and understood my vision for the wedding. She had lots of creative suggestions to make each detail great. I am so grateful for her great organization, communication, and implementation of so many different aspects of our wedding. She really helped the day be special because things ran smoothly and I didn’t have to worry about any details the day of. I would highly recommend All Seasons Event Planning to anyone planning an event!


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How do I put my feelings about All Season’s Events into so few words?! As a photographer in the wedding industry, I often find myself creating day-of itineraries, coordinating other vendors, queuing bridal party members, etc. When I finally got to work with Joelle and Amanda it was like a breath of fresh air! I can only imagine the way I would feel as a bride knowing they had my wedding in their hands. (You better believe when my time comes I’m going to hire these two!) They have such a knack for covering all the bases, even the ones nobody else ever knew were there. This allowed me to focus on being able to capture every stunningly well-planned and executed moment of the day. They are so conscientious when it comes to helping their clients find venues, vendors, plan bridal showers, etc etc etc; all while remaining respectful of their client’s budget.

Having planned both their own weddings, they really understand the mindset of a bride and they use that knowledge to your advantage. Having them by your side on your wedding day will allow you to be totally present in the moment. These ladies are not only detail-oriented and extremely hard workers, but they also will quickly become like family to you. Working with them is so simple and easy and they are truly delightful to be around.

Let All Season’s Events plan your next big day! I assure you, you won’t regret it.

- Rachel Martin Photography