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Matt + Jackie | 8.**.18

"Amanda & Joelle saved me at the perfect time when I was way in over my head with wedding planning. These women were professional, extremely knowledgeable & they took initiative all while remaining poised. They brought me so much peace and assurance during the most stressful season of my life and added some necessary comic relief during our planning sessions. I seriously could not have asked for a better team to help me have the most perfect & unforgettable wedding day. I recommend these women to anyone & everyone. They’re versatile and will bring your dreams to fruition."


Jesse + Molly | 10.12.18


Wedding Decor

Cameron + Katie | 8.**.18



Efe + Seth | 2.**.18

"My fiancé and I thought we had things figured out for the wedding day. Joelle saved us from our foolishness. What a lifesaver. Her gentle yet careful ways made the day go seamlessly. She thought about things we did not even know we needed and was able to problem solve so effortlessly in the moment. My special day went 100% smoother because of Joelle’s thoughtfulness and creativity."

Abstract Lights

Pierre + Debbie | **.**.17


Wedding Cake

Jonathan + Kayla | 11.**.16


Paper Lanterns and Fairy Lights

Lenny + Brittany | 11.26.16


Party Balloons